Submit new School details

Please email the following attachments to so we can setup your school without delay:

This Word file lets us know the name of the head teacher, attendance preferences, and teacher/class names.

  • 2. A high quality school logo.

The image file can be in JPEG, PNG, or BMP format.

  • 3. Examples of how you want your reports to look for each key stage.

You can attach Word documents or scanned examples.

  • 4. A list of pupils.

If you like, we can import a CSV file which is easily exportable from most management systems, eg SIMS

The file needs to have the following headings: UPN, Forename, KnownAs (optional), Surname, Gender, Class, and optionally DOB and Year (for mixed year classes).

A guide to creating a CSV file is available to download in Pdf format.

You can also manually add pupil data if you wish.

Alternatively you can fax these documents to 0115 727 0770 (do not fax the pupil list).

Need more help with this? Let us know via our forum...