Laptop (override) mode

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Some network settings force a laptop users files to be moved to a network drive when connected to a Network. When the user logs off from the network these files are moved back to the Laptop. At least two problems can occur:

1) If the laptop is connecting using wireless if the wireless connection breaks, the files cannot be moved back.

2) If the user just closed the laptop lid without logging off from the network, again the files remain on the network are not moved back.

For this reason there is a special 'laptop' mode in ReportAssist that will force files to remain on the laptop...

If ReportAssist is copied to the root of of the C: drive it will operate in Laptop mode.

In laptop mode all files are saved in 'C:\Documents\ReportAssist', this folder will be created if it doesn't exist.

It's important that the person using the program has R/W access to that folder.

If the teacher does not have R/W access to the root of the C: drive then they may need to install updates manually by downloading ReportAssist from our website and copying over the existing file in C:, they will be prompted by the operating system for permission or the computer's administrator password.