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ReportAssist detects if it's being run from the user's Download folder or a CD-ROM. In this case, it will present the user with a special 'Run Menu' that allows the user to easily copy and run the program from a more convenient location.

There are 4 main options which vary slightly depending on if you are using Windows or macOS:

1. Copy to your Desktop.

The recommended option for most Windows users. Copies the program to the Desktop so that it's easier to find and start ReportAssist in the future.

2a. Copy to Applications. (macOS only)

The recommended option for most macOS users. Copies the program to the Application folder, this is the usual place that programs are stored on macOS.


2b. Copy to USB memory stick. (Windows only)

If you have any issues using ReportAssist then please try this option. All data files will be stored on the USB with the program, this makes it easy to use any Windows computer for your reports. macOS users can manually 'Browse' (see below) to a USB memory stick for the same functionality.

3. Browse...

Allows the user to choose where they would like ReportAssist to be copied to. Can be used to copy to Network drives, etc.

4. Continue running from the Downloads folder (or CD-ROM)...

This will continue running ReportAssist from the current location.