Multiple backup systems

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How it works...

We often get asked how we store data, how is it kept safe? These questions are answered in our GDPR section, but here is a brief explanation...

  • When you click the 'Save' icon or exit the program, ReportAssist will attempt to send the data to Server 1.

  • If, after a couple of retries, it can't send data to Server 1, it swaps and attempts to save the data to Server 2. It will stay with Server 2 unless it needs to swap back to Server 1 or the user restarts the program.

  • The two server system means that we can perform maintenance on either server knowing that users can still save and access their work.

  • Both Server 1 and Server 2 save to/load from the same database server. We can increase resources to any of the servers independently depending on how busy they are.

  • Each night, a secure backup server make a full copy of the data contained within the database server.

  • A compressed copy is made from the secure backup server as an additional secure offsite backup.

  • Administrators can also make a GDPR backup of the school data for their own use.